My Journey at Arithmer(Arithmerでの私の体験)


It’s been almost year since I joined Arithmer and would like to share my experience. The company’s supportive environment and its embrace of diversity have truly enriched this experience.

A Supportive Framework for Learning

Arithmer is a company that encourages continual development.
For example, engineers’ core work hours are from 11:00 to 14:00, which is very short compared to other companies. The flexibility in working hours has played a key role, allowing me to balance my job responsibilities while pursuing my PhD. The company’s support not only helped maintain this balance but also enabled me to successfully defend my PhD thesis. It’s evident that Arithmer is dedicated to empowering employees to excel professionally.

Embracing Diversity and Respect

The blend of Japanese and international colleagues brings a unique diversity to Arithmer’s environment. While the gender ratio may lean more towards males, this hasn’t hindered the culture of respect and appreciation for individual backgrounds. The unity of the team is further strengthened by the multilingual abilities of many members, who can communicate in both English and Japanese.

Expertise and Support

Being a part of the R&D team, I have the privilege of collaborating with excellent minds. Their expertise fosters an environment of continuous learning and support. I enjoy having seminars and discussions about the latest advancements in AI, encompassing visual models, language models, and much more.

As I continue this journey, I eagerly anticipate to the growth and innovation.